Emne: Bevidstheden

Tanker om ansvar

Ansvar er sammensat af an og svar, altså at give sit svar til noget – ikke bare et almindeligt, ligegyldigt svar, men et højtideligt løfte. Så at tage ansvar er at holde fast i det, men ved er det rigtige. Lad os lige hoppe over til engelsk, hvor det er endnu tydeligere:

To take responsability is one of the corner stones of a good life. Let’s look at the meaning of the word. Response ability, so the ability to respond. But let’s go one step further because what is a response? It’s the combination of ‘re’ meaning again and the last part of the word derives from Spondere which in latin means to promise somthing solemnly, to pledge. So when you decide to take on a challenge and actually stand by your decision, your pledge, you are taking responsability. There is an important duality in the concept of responsability, because taking responsability for something or somebody, you actually take responsability for yourself at the same time. You probably know the wonderful feeling when you have helped somebody. It brings you in touch with your core qualities (love, compassion etc.) and that doesn’t only feel good, it is good. You get in closer contact with your purpose, your dharma, your fundamental responsability, the pledge you made before you were born into this life, which, for most of us, is so hard to remember and to stay true to. So taking responsability is the best medicine you can get. Do it today!



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